Understand Why Sleep Apnea is Accompanied by Uninvited Snoring Always

Is your partner snoring during sleep? Is that disturbing you a lot? Then it is time to get is diagnosed and not to fight with your partner over that snoring.

A blockage in the airway causes that snoring. That kind of snoring might be due to unusual position of the jaw or the tongue, weakness of the throat, and fat deposits around the throat.

It could be due to enlarged tonsils and soft palate. This kind of snoring could be due to a condition called sleep apnea which goes undiagnosed mostly.

If the partner is affected by obstructive sleep apnea it could be a serious problem. It would interfere with the normal breathing.

Movement of air between the soft tissues at the back of the nose and throat causes this snoring. Snoring would occur mostly when they sleep on their back. If they change position to their sides then snoring will cease.

Understanding the Chemistry behind sleep apnea and snoring

The soft tissue of the palate, the throat and the tongue collapses the upper airway and obstructs the nasal passage. This makes breathing difficult. Sometimes negative pressure develops and seals the air passage tightly.

In this case the patient has to wake up to draw more air by creating tension on the tongue, the throat, and the muscles. This causes the waking patterns, snorting and startling in the patients.

A person affected by apnea will have a sleep-snore-apnea-wake pattern. In this the person sleeps and then starts snoring. Then apnea takes over the they stop breathing for about 10 to 20 seconds and then they wake up startling to resume breathing.

This is what happens in the patients who are affected by apnea. This type of breathe stopping happens between 100 to 400 times in a night. Statistics reveal that 93.3% of the people with apnea suffer like this.

Medical Treatment

There are various medical treatments and methods available to treat sleep apnea. Some of them are given below.

1. ‘Breathe Right strips’ are available in the market to open up the blocked nasal passage. This would help you to breathe freely at night.

2. To make the throat open and breathe properly you can wear mask at night.

3. To prevent clogging of the passage antihistamines and decongestants can be used.

4. Special pillows to stretch the neck are available in the market. You can use these to improve your sleep.

5. Oxygen levels can be increased if an upright position is followed during sleep. This would greatly help the people who are obese. For this position you might elevate the position of the pillows.

6. CPAP: Air is supplied to the patient through a mask. This air is given at a predetermined pressure level. This keeps the airways open always and enables them to breathe freely. This controls snoring.

7. Turbinectomy: The soft tissues and the bones in the nasal passage is removed through surgery in this method. This creates a free air passage for breathing.

8. Dental appliances to hold the tongue and the jaw are available. These can be used at night to open the airway to make you breathe freely.

9. Excess tissue in the soft palate and the uvula can be removed using Laser surgery.

10. The mouth is stiffened for a few weeks through Injection Snoreplasty. This method makes the back of the throat and palate numb. This stops the fluttering of the palate and thus stops snoring.

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