11 Practical Tips That Guarantee A Good Sleep

1) Don’t take alcohol at bed time as it interrupts sleep cycles later specifically the deeper and essential sleep.

2) Avoid smoking as it does not calm them but on the contrary it is a Neurostimulant that interferes with good sleep.

3) As far as possible keep distances from drinks like colas, coffee and teas which contain caffeine and if impossible avoid them after lunch hour.

4) Taking a hot bath or shower at night an hour or two before bed time relaxes the body and allows for the contrast in changes of temperature to moderate themselves ( from hot bath to cooler room air).

5) Follow a daily exercise regimen to maintain a healthy body and tire you out for a good night’s sleep. The endorphins released reduce your stress. Exercise should be late in the day or early in the evening but not before going to bed. You should allow for a bit of down time.

6) In case you are unable to sleep after lying down don’t feel hopeless. Engage yourself in a quiet actively like reading, listening to music or watching television. Divert your mind off the problem and you will soon fall into sleep.

7) Ambience of the bedroom and its surroundings are very important. Some cannot sleep amid noise where as others cannot sleep in quietness or in total silent atmosphere. They prefer the hum of a fan or a humidifier or soft music in the back ground. Today we have contraptions and CD’s that relax with sounds of rain falling, the ocean’s surf, or some change of white noise that lulls the mind and body.

8) Room temperature plays a major role in sleeping patterns. It is your personal preference. If you have the habit of sleeping during the day, give it up as it interferes with sleep at night.

9) Don’t eat heavily during night as it affects your digestion and the acid reflux makes you sleepless. Some balanced protein and particularly carbohydrates balance blood sugar in the body and promote sleep.

10) Bed room should be a private one where you can sleep and have sex. It should not be a workplace or a room to watch television. Your routine should be accepted by the body and mind as the fore runner to a restful sleep and not more work.

11) Whenever you feel sleepy don’t resist even if it is not your bed time and you are prepared to work. Set an alarm for a regular hour in the morning and stick to it before you get unto a regular and restful routine.

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