7 Natural Alternative Treatments To Guarantee a Good Night’s Sleep

Research has handed down to us many practical methods to relax and enjoy a good nights sleep. For some people it is enough to do some exercise or change to mattress that he uses. But for others it is very difficult to fell asleep because of many problems.

Natural remedies galore are available to address the problems of sleep experienced by a number of people. But care must be taken to see that the help and guidance of qualified medical care professional is taken to get the desiring result. Thus any wrong usage or excessive dosage is avoided as will as other problems cropping up.

Firstly, nutritionists have suggested an intake of calcium as a daily supplement of 1500 to 2000mg through the day after meals and at bed time. Calcium has a calming effect and it should be taken along with 1000mg of magnesium divided through the day. Calcium thus balanced and results in relaxation.

Secondly, A nervous debility is addressed by Vitamin B complex and stress is relieved. Inositol improves REM sleep which offers good rest. Only recommended dosages should be taken.

The third natural alternative treatment is with natural herbs like kavakava, skull cap, passion flower, and valerian root. By a system of rotation and not using any one excess there can be good sleep. The right time is to take them at bed time.

The fourth natural treatment consists of taking chamomile and catnip in tea form. The former calms and relaxes the nervous system and can be taken all through the day. A selection of blended teas is available in the local stores and high light the promotion of good sleep. Better you don’t drink excess liquid at bed time to avoid bathroom breaks.

The fifth natural remedy is the hormone, melatonin, and a natural secretion that regulates the circadian rhythms of sleep. It is useful in treating insomnia. But it is forbidden for pregnant women, the depressed, in schizophrenia, and certain auto immune diseases. Check up with your doctor while applying an unusual remedy.

Sixth is the Tryptophan, the needed amino acid in many foods makes you sleepy. It is found in turkey, bananas, yogurt, milk, tuna, figs, dates and grapes.The seventh natural remedy is tyramine compound from tyrosine that augments the release of a brain stimulant called norepinephrine that does not induces sleepiness. Foods containing this compound cheese, chocolate, bacon, sugar, spinach, tomatoes, wine and sugar should be avoided just before bedtime.

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