Five Most Common Sleep Disorders that Afflict Adolescents

It is very difficult for teenagers to get proper sleep even if they want to sleep well. After a series of sleepless nights they experience a deficit in sleep which causes emotional problems. These problems deny them concentration in work and study.Adolescent sleep problems are more common compared to those of children and adults, for many reasons.

According to medical experts the biological clock of adolescents changes and they are unable to fall asleep easily and wake up early.
Melatonin, a brain hormone, produced in the brain at night in adolescents, causes changes in the teen’s body, making it difficult to sleep early. This sleep disorder is called “delayed sleep phase syndrome” which affects many teens. Sleep problems are also caused in teens by stress, physical discomfort or sleeping environment.

Five common sleep problems

Teen’s sleep can be disrupted by {PLMD} Periodic Limb Movement Disorder making them irritated and tired from lack of sleep. In this condition, the adolescent is not conscious of moving his arms or legs.

RLS or Restless leg Syndrome, similar to PLMD, but the adolescent can feel the tingling, burning, cramping or itching on their limbs. Relief can be obtained only moving the arms or legs. For both PLMD and RLS treatment is possible with the assistance of doctors, and proper medication.
Obstructive sleep Apnea is another sleep problem affecting the adolescents. In this disorder the person suddenly stops breathing when in sleep. Causes for this disorder are obesity, enlarged tonsils or swollen adenoids. When affected with this problem the person snores, breaths, with difficulty and sweats during sleep.

It is very rarely that adolescents sleep walk. But they disrupt his sleep patterns when they occur as night mares. Stress, anxiety, emotional problems, drugs, alcohol, medication, lack of sleep cause night mares. Treatment for night mars should be from a therapist, counselor or doctor.

Sleep walking is caused by fever or lack of sleep. These sleep problem may be in the family also. If it is so you need not worry because sleep walking is harmless. You have to just guide the sleep walker back to bed.Proper medicines and guidance will help you in treating adolescents and their sleep problems. If, however, the problem continues you have to consult the doctor and attend to the problem immediately.

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