Do You Lose Your Sleep over Your Baby’s Sleep Problems

Baby sleep problems occur because the baby is unaware of the relationship of night time and sleeping. That is why sleep problems are common. A baby is direly in need of parental guidance through every problem from its first month up to its toddler stage.

Baby sleep disorders are caused by various conditions like boredom, illness, running nose, frustration, soiled nappy, pain, hunger thirst or environmental reasons and other personal causes. As the child cannot communicate you should be careful about these conditions and provide them proper treatment instantly.

Stages of a Baby’s Sleep Patterns

Fifteen hours of sleep are needed for the baby during its first three months since, at this stage, the baby sleeps for four hours at a stretch, sleep problem occur to the new born baby. This can be considered as quite normal. In other words you should not anticipate uninterrupted sleep for the first three months. During this period of three months you must closely watch your baby for any possible health conditions.

Problems of sleep and uninterrupted sleep may go up to six months. This is also a variable factor from one baby to the other. It will be possible to set right the baby sleep problems by following a bed time routine that you and your baby follow.

The resistance of the baby to sleep is one of the most common problems. Parents should understand the signs that the baby is ready to sleep. At six to eight weeks, babies sleep only for two hours at a time. Rubbing the eyes, putting the ears and other unique signs tell you that the baby wants to sleep. Failure to understand these signals tires the child and it may not sleep for a long time.

Therefore it is absolutely important to understand the baby’s sleeping patterns and put it to bed when sleepy. When you do so your instinct comes in to play and you put him to be avoiding needless baby sleep problems. Most of the parents do not tell the baby about the difference between day and night. But this knowledge is very important in preparing a proper bed time schedule required as early as two weeks after the birth of the child.

Baby sleep problems should not be the cause of trouble both for the child and parents for long. An understanding of the sleeping patterns of the baby, by teaching them the difference between day and night, by permitting them to sleep on their own, you can be sure that your baby has a sound and undisturbed sleep.


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