Why You should not Ignore Your Child’s Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorders of children interrupt not only their lives but those of their parents and co-borns. These disorders create, many difficulties for the child and interferes with the necessities of life. Parents of such disordered children are not alone. In company are many parents facing similar problems.

A child not able to sleep through the night is one of main sleep disorders. Parents, in general do not relish their child waking up in the middle of the night and affecting their sleep.

The sleep disorder problems with a few children are of their own making as they do not sleep through the night. There are sleep cycles like deep sleep and light sleep for both the adults and children alike. In the deep sleep cycle the person dreams. The child is more likely to wake up during the light sleep cycle. As there are a number of such cycles, by night, the child sleep disorder may take place several times. Infants, do not usually sleep the whole night up to some time. These small babies experience a light sleep cycle every fifty minutes. Parents are aware of this aspect and they try to put the child on the correct sleep cycle.

Sleep Disorder-Interruption of Necessary Sleep

Children require more sleep than their parents though they are wakeful for long as their parents. A school boy or girl wants nine to twelve hours of sleep every night. Nine hours of sleep is a must to participate in school activities properly. As many children do not get this amount of sleep. They are unable to do well in school.

Children who enjoy enough sleep wake up easily. Parents whose children do not get up easily should know that the child requires more sleep.It is necessary that the children fall asleep quickly. If they loss and turn for thirty minutes before they fall asleep, some problem is troubling them. Throughout the day they should stay awake if they have enough sleep at night. It is known that quite a number of children are dull and inactive at school, their drowsiness coming in the way of their studies to some extent.


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