Does Prescription and Over the Counter Drugs Helps You To Have A Goodnight’s Sleep

Prescription and over the counter drugs have become popular for sleeplessness but it is better not to take them lightly. People are tempted to treat the symptoms instead of going to the root of the cause. As this is a prolonged process they expect a fast and immediate solution or relief. They take to any source available for that purpose.

There is always the danger of addiction to these drugs. Instead of treating the cause of insomnia, you treat only the signs but do not address the cure. So the real issue is side tracked. Sleeping pills are found to interfere with REM sleep. Uses of sleeping aids when prolonged for a time disrupt the deeper stages of sleep and paradoxically insomnia gets worse.

Any type of drug has the prospect of negative side effects over the counter medications have a number of side effects like confusion, dry mouth, feeling agitated and depression. There are also reports of worsening of symptoms regarding an enlarged prostrate. In other cases the effects are water retention and constipation.

Well known medication Halcyon, reportedly, causes confusion of the mind and amnesia, where as valium, seconal and Dalmane create signs of sluggishness, confusion, restlessness and great anxiety. Ambien, the recent sleeping pills have become notorious claiming that it gives good night’s rest without any disruption in the deeper sleep cycle or REM cycle. We are yet to investigate the claim thoroughly.

By taking these medications frequently, we tend to depend on them. Later it becomes impossible to stop from the habit. You have to suffer from withdrawal symptoms like nausea, quivering and sweating. These medications are likely to bring you a rebound cycle where insomnia gets worse and requires more medication. This cycle is seen in headache treatment also.

There is always the need for coordination between the new medication and any new medicine you take as the combination of drugs can cause some very serious health issues.It depends on the individual and healthcare professional to decide on what treatment they want to follow. Still it is better to find the basic cause for insomnia instead of treating symptoms alone.

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