Insomnia – Causes, Signs and Symptoms

Insomnia, the most common sleep problem is a state of habitual sleeplessness. Here you are not be able to fall sleep or having got up will not be able to sleep again. This condition may continue for a few days to weeks to months at a time.

Besides not sleeping well, you don’t feel refreshed and awake in the morning from the sleep. You are fatigued, drowsy and irritable that indicate your lack of proper sleep. For a few people the problem is so persistent that they take to alcohol or sleeping pills to get the needed quantum of sleep.

It is stated that about twenty percent of population is affected by insomnia at any given time. Insomnia is not a dangerous disorder but it is frustrating to the extreme and may affect people dramatically at the end.Starting from drowsiness and irritability it disables the person from doing his routine tasks or exhibit higher creativity. Over a few days it transforms one’s personality traits and affects his work performance dramatically.

Innumerable medical causes contribute to insomnia disorders which include direct physical and muscle pain, indigestion, breathing problem, depression, anxiety, hypoglycemia, stress, and profound grief. A few of these conditions are transitory which some are life long issues that need careful watch.

Foods and drug products like caffeine stimulate the body and contribute to sleeplessness. The list includes the decongestant Pseudoephedrine found in many cold and allergy products medicines for heart problems, high blood pressure, suppressant drugs, the anti seizure drug Dilantin and some thyroid replacement medications.

Restless leg syndrome is another recent find that causes sleeplessness. This manifests through leg twitching or jerking involuntarily which asleep. Much is not known about this disorder.

Irregular breathing, called ‘apnea’ disrupts sleep and is well documented. Breathing actually stops for a few seconds or for two minutes. Gasping for breath, the sleeper awakes. Though their repeats several times he is not aware of it.

Insomnia can result through traveling and experiencing change through time zones as in jet lag. Change in routine can bring insomnia through sleeplessness. Not following good bed time habits may also cause insomnia. Above all getting a good night’s sleep becomes a great challenge.

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