Narcolepsy – A Very Serious Sleep Disorder

Narcolepsy a very difficult and serious disorder paralyses one’s life by its neurological dysfunction of the brain which controls the timing of the person’s sleep and wakefulness. People who are affected with this disorder called narcoleptics.

Considered as a general condition triggered by environmental factors, narcolepsy manifests between the ages of ten to twenty five. Out of the four types of classis symptoms the person may exhibit any one of them or all. Each individual is unique in his own way. Research is on to improve the quality of life of the people and alertness as this disease is a lifelong disruption.

The best indication of Narcolepsy is when the person suddenly falls asleep without any warning the individual falls asleep even while conversing, laughing or working. The sleep may last for a few minutes or for an hour or more. Though he may feel refreshed, he may again lapse into sleep.

Another symptom called cataplexy causes paralysis due to some strong emotion like a hearty laughter, anger or even fear. Though he is conscious, he loses muscle control which can last for a minute or so.

Another characteristic is called sleep paralysis. This comes when the person is about to sleep or on just waking up. Though it happens just for a second or two the person is unable to move or talk despite being fully awake. It is really scary for the person at the first time.

Narcolepsy, though not dangerous is an embarrassing condition that is also inconvenient. It will be dangerous and fatal if the person driving a vehicle experiences a sleep attack. Head traumas, viruses and infections, according to some can trigger along with a genetic nature already present.

Narcolepsy has no cure at present. However there is support through behavioral changes, certain medications and compassionate counseling for a satisfying quality of life with each new discovery.

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