How You can make Self Medical Prognosis of Your Sleep Apnea?

Most the symptoms that you get for any disorder will overlap with other symptoms of other disorders. Hence it is difficult to find out the correct disorder or problem for which you are getting a particular symptom.

To make matters worse, the symptoms of sleep apnea occur only during the night. The person affected with sleep apnea might not know that he is affected by that disorder until someone else doubts that and get it diagnosed.

There are some indicators that might show that you have sleep apnea. It is better that everyone knows these symptoms so that you can find out if your partner having sleep apnea.

• Snoring loud – the person affected by sleep apnea might snore louder when they are asleep. This is due to the blockage in the air passage at the back of the nose and the mouth. When the affected person sleeps on the side it would disappear.

• Breathing stops for about 10 to 20 seconds in these patients and this might occur 100 to 400 times in a night depending on the seriousness of the problem.

• Insomnia – they will have problems in sleeping. They would be having a troubled sleep. They will not have deep sleep at all. Due to this they might wake up early in the morning.

• Hangovers in the morning due to sleeplessness would be there.

• Sleeping in the day time at inappropriate time would happen. This happens without their knowledge.

• They would have a dry mouth since they breathe through their mouth.

• Heart burn would be persistant in such persons. Due to this the tissue at the throat would get damaged. This is one of the early symptoms that we should look for.

• Even without provocation they would get irritated.

• Mood swings are common.

• Weight gain is sudden and might lead to obesity

• Capability to analyze would be poor.

• Swelling of the legs would be there.

• High blood pressure is seen.

• Their personality changes

• Urination at night would be frequent.

• Testosterone is produced in less quantities than normal. Hence their sexual libido is also reduced.

If you find some of the symptoms in you then you have to consult your physician. Tests will be conducted to find out what is wrong with you. The patient and any one of the family member who is close to the patient (preferably your partner) should accompany them to the doctor.

Some of the following test would be done to confirm the symptoms.

• Sleep studies


• Checking the levels of oxygen and carbondioxide during sleep and

• A thyroid test


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