How Serious is Your Sleep Apnea to Seek for Medical Intervention?

Sleep apnea is wide spread and it is found to be a serious disorder. There is lack of awareness about this device in most of the countries.

The middle aged population with overweight is the most affected with this disorder. It is men who suffer more with this disorder than women.

The person who is affected might not know that he is having this diorder. However if you or your partner finds it out, it is better to consult a physician immediately and get treatment for this disorder. If you experience constant gasping and choking for breath then it is time to seek medical help.

One of the symptom that should be noted is that the patient would have sleepiness during daytime also. Snoring for such person would be more and louder when he is sleeping on his back. It might cease or reduce drastically when he sleeps on his sides.

A person suffering from sleep apnea will not have a deep sleep during night and mostly it will be a disturbed sleep. In such cases the person would be sleepy during daytime also and they may sleep in the daytime even without their knowledge. They will be sleeping without any signs of tiredness. Such a person should seek immediate medical attention.

If you want to self check yourself, you can maintain a sleep log where you can record your sleeping pattern. A low score in sleep deprivation would indicate that you are having obstructive sleep apnea.

A high score of ESS (Epworth Sleepiness Scale) would indicate that you have a high risk of developing sleep apnea. These tests are self rating tests. If you find that the scores are not good then you can always go for medical attention immediately.

You should know that snoring is not the indicator of sleep apnea. Only when it combines with gasping for breath and day time sleepiness you have to consider it as an indicator of sleep apnea.

With the above conditions if you experience frequent headaches, lethargy, inability to concentrate, and heartburn then you have to approach a physician for diagnosis.

If you find your child snore then you have to consult a pediatrician. It could be obstructive sleep apnea. You should know that snoring in children might be due to throat problems or nose problems. An enlarged tonsils and even obesity might cause this.

If any of the conditons hold good for a child then there are chances that the child may have sleep apnea.

Check out the conditions:

• Is you child finding it difficult to breath at night?

• Is your child snoring at night?

• Does snoring reduces when the child sleeps on its sides?

• Does your child wakes up at night and feel tired during day time?

If the answers for these questions is Yes, then you have to consider it along with the school reports, the child performance at school, its behavior pattern, and the activities done to diagnose if it has sleep apnea. The treatment to these problems might make it sleep well at night.

You have to get good medical treatment to cure sleep apnea completely.

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