What Causes Apnea and How It is Treated

Insomnia is the inability to get a good nights rest whether for a short period or a long term. The cause, external or internal can be solved by thoughtful analysis and certain behavioral changes in the individual. Others may suffer from disorders that need some focused attention.

One such disorder sleep apnea is peculiar in that the individual while sleeping has his breathing interrupted. It gets shallow and stops totally from two seconds to two minutes. He gasps for breath and wakes up suddenly feeling choked, they again go to sleep. In the case of chronic patients this cycle of breathing stoppage recurs again and again during their sleep without their awareness. They wake up un-refreshed, experience headache, dry mouth and sore throat.

The most common type is ‘Obstructive Sleep Apnea’ in which air gets through the mouth and nose in to the lungs resulting in the lack of oxygen flowing in the blood. This creates problems in learning and memory, high blood pressure and heart problems. It is a serious problem which can be fatal. Proper consultation with the doctor is necessary.

In case of any suspicion, ask your friend to watch and record the interruptions in your sleep or use your tape recorder to know the number of interruptions at night. The doctor will examine your case. CT scans and x-rays of the head and neck areas are also examined by the doctor.

If it is a case of minor sleep apnea a few simple methods will rectify the situation. If apnea is a problem it is better to lose weight, sleep on their side, avoid sensitive sedatives and alcohol and maintain a regular sleep routine.

In severe cases, a mask devise supplying a pressurized air through their airways keeps them open. Though this is effective many do not like it. For moderate apnea there are acrylic oral devices that fit into the mouth and bring the lower jaw and the tongue forward keeping the air passages open during sleep. Not many can adjust to these.

In the event of a surgery, the doctor removes the excess tissue adenoids or tonsils to clear the airways. It may solve the problem but surgery has the risk of complications but rarely so. The individual should exhaust all options before he chooses surgery. Finally there should be open communication between the patient and the doctor. With proper effort and in due course Sleep apnea can be brought under control.

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